During the upgrading process, the old Ceramic tube socket also got new replacement to the Teflon one. The problem is, the process to remove the old tube socket will not be an easy job, as removing other parts. Why? Because as other part usually only has 2 leads, the tube socket got 9 points to be removed.

Actually if you really want to re-use the old socket, you have to use hot air solder to remove the perfectly. But I don’t really have the need to re-use the old socket. So I cut them directly.

Cutting the leads from the socket is easy job. Now the rest is removing the small part of the socket’s pin which still soldered on the PCB. How to do? We just need a soldering iron and tweezers. Heat up the tin on the PCB, and immediately take out the remaining pin by using the tweezers.

Use solder sucker to suck out the remaining tin. This job become even more easier if you have good quality PCB.

Hole #5 restored as new 🙂 We still have 8 holes left to be restored.

All holes completely restored and cleaned. As new huh? Ready to install new Teflon socket.

Another problem is my Teflon socket is not PCB mounted type. So I need a small PCB as converter.

The PCB converter installed on the Teflon socket. Simple soldering task will finalize this job perfectly.