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Sad News from Jensen Capacitors…

It’s a sad news when I read this on Duelund Coherent Audio (DCA) Instagram post. A/S Tobias Jensen Production has decided to stop production of their Jensen brand capacitors/inductors. As...... Read More

A Greeting from Warsaw, Poland

It seems that one of my article here has inspired a guy from Warsaw, Poland, named Marcin. But instead of comparing those capacitors, Marcin deciced to change the capacitor based...... Read More

Testing the New ‘No Name’ Capacitor

I believe you still remember this one? I think it’s time to give a short review of it. As comparison, I will use Jensen 4-Pole capacitor as both has same...... Read More

Jensen Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil Ceramic Tube Capacitor

Jensen has 4 types in their Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil line-up capacitor. Actually, they are same capacitor, but only has different chassis or enclosure. Unfortunately, the different in enclosure produces different...... Read More

Duelund Alexander Capacitor Subjective Listening Test

It’s been a while since my last capacitor comparison review was done. Not much changes actually (not much new ‘interesting’ products also I think). But I was quite tempted to...... Read More

Jensen Paper Tube on Terratec Aureon Firewire DAC Output

I’m about to finalize this sound card mod. The output now is taken directly from the WM8770IFT, coupled with Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube Capacitor (before it was Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil)....... Read More

Jensen 4-pole Installation Explained

I have received some emails asking about “what is this Jensen 4-pole” and “what makes it different from other”. I will write down short explanation about it.... Read More

Battle of Three Capacitors

It’s been a long since I promised to write this article: A comparison between Audio Note Copper Foil Mylar-in-Oil, Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube, and Jensen Copper Foil Copper Tube....... Read More

Burn-in Rig Before Battle

I plan to compare some capacitors from Jensen and one from Audio Note. The two from Jensen are Jensen Copper Foil Paper-in-Oil (Paper Tube) and Jensen Copper Foil Paper-in-Oil (Copper...... Read More

Soon, Another Shootout: Paper Tube vs Copper Tube

I acquired another varian of Jensen Film Caps, the Copper Tube. Basically, Jensen has 4 enclosure models, the cheap Aluminum Tube, then the Paper Tube, Copper Tube, and Ceramic Tube....... Read More

Jensen Axial Electrolytic Capacitor

At the end or journey where good electrolytic caps is getting more difficult to be acquired, I think I have to consider some alternatives. I love Black Gate and Elna...... Read More

Pre-Amp #26 Parafeed – Tweaked with Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube

I visited my friend’s home few days ago. We planned to tweak his #26 Pre-Amp (with Parafeed design). His Pre-Amp was a high quality pre-amp, in terms of parts and...... Read More