I have received some emails asking about “what is this Jensen 4-pole” and “what makes it different from other”. I will write down short explanation about it.

First, we see the overall construction of this capacitor first. It has 4 leadout (that’s why it’s called 4-pole), but it’s not multiple capacitance (like common multiple pole capacitor). Basically, this capacitor has 2 poles for Input side, and another 2 poles for the Output side. So, we call them 4-pole capacitor (I wonder why not 4-poles?). As an polar capacitor, off course it has positive and negative pole.

You can see the physical layout as below. Remember carefully which one is the Input side, Output side, and positive/negative side.

How to wire it on our circuit? Check below diagram.

The Input side should connect to the previous stage, while the Output side should connect to the next stage. This will create a complete isolation between 2 stages with the Jensen 4-pole in the center. This kind of configuration reminds me of Interstage Transformer application. Jensen claims this kind of configuration will reduce the unwanted noise. Well, just try and prove yourself 😉