It seems that one of my article here has inspired a guy from Warsaw, Poland, named Marcin. But instead of comparing those capacitors, Marcin deciced to change the capacitor based on his music and his taste. According to him, he enjoyed listening different caps with different kind of music. I completely agree that even the best Duelund Cast sometime not sweet enough (if you are really a fans of super sweet vocal) compared to – let’s say – Jensen Paper Tube.

So below photos are completely Marcin’s system and his works. I start to think that his work is completely better than mine, especially the Elma selector wood stand. Mine was done with a plastic CD cover 😉


Marcin’s complete system. A well treated room, a big speaker, with tiny Sun Audio SV-2A3 amplifier.



Surely his Elma selector wood stand is better than mine 😉



Several capacitors for this taste. From the cheap K75 to one of the most expensive Duelund Cast. The selector should be same with mine, Elma.



Sun Audio SV-2A3 itself. It has Tamura Output Transformer, I believe.



A little writing from him… Enjoy your music, Marcin!