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Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) Lead-out Upgrade

I bought this Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) around 3 years ago. I think Duelund was not as popular as now at that time, but still this Ag (Silver) version...... Read More

Duelund CAST Resistor on Test

Straight to the point. Just backed home tonight from a crazy traffic, then it was a great moment to payback! Let’s solder the new Duelund CAST Resistor. You can see...... Read More

Dual Pairs of Duelund CAST Capacitors!

A pair of Duelund CAST is enough to rob your wallet. How about two pairs? Well, sometime money is not an object – when you are pursuing the ultimate sound....... Read More

Duelund CAST Resistor

Not really published on the market (at least not well spotted around big online webstore), but I manage to get a pair of it. This is the CAST version of...... Read More