I bought this Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) around 3 years ago. I think Duelund was not as popular as now at that time, but still this Ag (Silver) version was quite pricey that time (but now if I see the retail price, it’s even more and more expensive).

The minus point that I don’t really like is the leadout. Such expensive capacitor use small silver leadout. Yes, it’s pure silver, but I expect something more.

I also like the Duelund 2.0 cable which sounds very natural and detail. And my last order to Duelund for VSF Cast Cu (Copper) also equipped with this custom Duelund 2.0 leadout. Since it’s impossible for me to re-Cast this Ag version, so let’s just order the 2.0 cable and solder myself.

The only problem is I need to figure out whether I should cut the original leadout, or running them together. Still remains unanswered at present time.

Below is the original Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) with 4x Duelund 2.0 cable. Plan to change the original leadout with this cable.


The original Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) with pure silver leadout.


Duelund VSF Cast Cu (Copper) custom order with Duelund 2.0 cable leadout. Even more gorgeous!


I also have tried my friend’s Duelund Cast Ag (Silver) with Duelund 2.0 cable leadout. It improves the sound as the Duelund 2.0 cable itself is very musical, surely better compared with such small silver leadout on the original capacitor. So I think it’s my time now to upgrade 😉