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Sad News from Jensen Capacitors…

It’s a sad news when I read this on Duelund Coherent Audio (DCA) Instagram post. A/S Tobias Jensen Production has decided to stop production of their Jensen brand capacitors/inductors. As...... Read More

Infinity Power 3 Audiophile Fuse: When Safety Can Be Fun!

Few weeks ago, I got introduced by my good friend about this new fuse product. He got some samples for me to play with. Well, I’m not a believer in fuse....... Read More

Schumann Resonator Made in Indonesia (Continued)

I understand that I didn’t put too many photos on my first article regarding this Schumann Resonator here. I was too excited (and too lazy) to edit the photos. So...... Read More

Schumann Resonator Made in Indonesia

Finally, high quality Schumann Resonator made in Indonesia. This kit is made by my colleague in Bandung, Indonesia. For you who don’t know about Schumann related information, allow me to...... Read More

Solid State Blind Test Session

It was a nice day, a little bit rainy at the morning. I went to Bintaro (Mr. Didik home) to enjoy a Solid State Blind Test session. After around 1.5...... Read More

Waldjinah: Sings Gesang

Artist: Waldjinah Album: Sings Gesang Publisher: Rice Record OSR-702 Recording Technology: – About this album: After this album, I think this album also worth to be considered as an audiophile-grade...... Read More

Gesang, Nuning, Waldjinah: Bengawan Solo

Artist: Gesang, Nuning, Waldjinah Album: Bengawan Solo Publisher: JVC Record Recording Technology: – About this album: According to Wikipedia, Kroncong is the name of a ukulele-type instrument and an Indonesian...... Read More

Ingram Washington: What A Difference A Day Makes

Artist: Ingram Washington Album: What A Difference A Day Makes Publisher: STS Digital Recording Technology: – About this album: This is one of the most recommended album. Superb recording and...... Read More