Few weeks ago, I got introduced by my good friend about this new fuse product. He got some samples for me to play with. Well, I’m not a believer in fuse. For me, no fuse is simply better. Why I should let good electric power transferred by 12 AWG power cord then have to pass this tiny wire for the sake of protection? But I have to admit on some design which is not yet proven, fuse is a must to avoid further damage on the equipment.

This fuse labelled as Infinity Power 3 has 3 variants, Rhodium, Palladium, and Platinum (entry, medium, then high grade).

Apologize, the aluminium foil type of packaging reminds me of something *cough* like “condom”… 🙂

It has similar function too, to protect.

And normally it has same cons factor too (for some people), so most will avoid it.


The fuse is available from very low current of 100mA up to 20A. Also available in 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm. In typical source and pre-amplifier, usually 2A will cover most of the usage. While for power amplifier, usually we will need 4A or 8A. I don’t mind putting a bit higher rating if you are not sure, especially this is not slow-blow type. If it shorts, I don’t think 2A or 4A will make any different.


The fuse also color coded, Red for Rhodium, Green for Palladium, and Orange for Platinum.


How does it sound? I have tested it on several systems, but unfortunately haven’t finalized the writing.