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Elekit TU-8900 (300B/2A3 Amplifier) Upgrade – Part 4

Things are getting more serious. More components being installed, starting from TKD 2W resistor, Vishay TX2575, Audio Note Silver Tantalum 2W, Shinkoh Tantalum 2W, Riken RMG 1W, Black Gate Non-Polar,...... Read More

Sad News from Jensen Capacitors…

It’s a sad news when I read this on Duelund Coherent Audio (DCA) Instagram post. A/S Tobias Jensen Production has decided to stop production of their Jensen brand capacitors/inductors. As...... Read More

Universal Tube Power Supply Unit Design Plan

As a DIY, I think it’s important to have a dedicated power supply module. I have tried several design, but finally got tired if I have to finalized the build...... Read More

News: Audio Note New Electrolytic Capacitor

Year 2014 could be an interesting year for DIY audio. I just came across Audio Note website and found that Audio Note planned to launch a new electrolytic capacitor. More...... Read More

Another Comment of ‘No Name Capacitor’ from

First, I need to say sorry because I haven’t updated this blog for quite some time. Crazy busy with my daily office life. I have some good stuff on hand,...... Read More

Jupiter Capacitor HT Copper Foil, Paper, and Wax

I’m quite sure most people will know this name ‘Jupiter Condenser Co.’ and its famous brand, Jupiter Beeswax Capacitor. I don’t really remember if there is any other brand using...... Read More

‘No Name’ Capacitor Reviewed on

I used to review a lot of stuff, including capacitor. But it comes upon a time when I have to be reviewed – I mean, my stuff. If you haven’t...... Read More

‘No Name’ Capacitor: Nearly Final…

It’s almost perfect. Only need a final touch. Thanks for the great work of the manufacturer (which I can’t disclose now, but soon). This final version has a solid silver...... Read More

QLS QA-660 Modification Plan

It has been quite some time since my last article on this blog. Quite a busy life (but that busy life pays this hobby, anyway). I tried to spend sometime...... Read More

Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) Lead-out Upgrade

I bought this Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) around 3 years ago. I think Duelund was not as popular as now at that time, but still this Ag (Silver) version...... Read More

Custom Order of Duelund VSF Cast Cu (Copper) with Duelund 2.0 Leadout

One of my friend bought my Duelund VSF Cast Cu (Copper). Actually I always keep some pairs for my own use, but as you know that I’m a bit slower...... Read More

Asus Xonar Essence One (E1) Audio Board Modification

Time to get into serious business now: Let do some surgery. The object: Asus Xonar Essence One audio board. I’m gonna make it quick. The ordinary Nichicon is no where...... Read More