I have used this Vifa driver in my DIY loudspeaker for several years. Due to its pocket friendly price and also its performance. Yes, this is the cheapest Ring Radiator design (if you compare with the one from ScanSpeak).

So far, I’m quite ok with its sound. But I want to try something new: Changing its front place with a metal one. The original is made by plastic. So I order a new metal flange from my DIY friend. Click here to email him if you are interested with such project.

Here is the old plastic flange (top) compared with new metal one (bottom). I order simple flange design (no extra cosmetic on the front plate), because this is just for testing purpose. I might order a new one later – if the result is positive.


I open my DIY speaker, remove the old plastic flange and do some short comparison between the old flange and the new one. I hear in some tones (like brass, piano, and harmonica) has more harmonics, better pronounciation, and a little more dynamic.


I plug back the Vifa XT25TG30 back to the enclosure. Sadly, I don’t have correct screw, so I must use some nuts to compensate the height of my screw (grmblll…). And with another short listening session, I think the staging is a little bit blur for high frequency notes. I love the overall new tonal balance of my XT25 with this metal flange though.

I suspect the screws could be blamed for this blurry staging issue. Will replace the screws first before taking another listening test. Boy… I think I must have at least a CLIO. I’m getting deaf to believe my own ears… 😉