Everyone knows TV programme called Smack Down (and it’s variants under World Wrestling Entertainment). Later these days in my country, Indonesia, some people claim that his/her chilidren got injured because of being “smacked down” by his friends! So, they ask the local TV to stop the programme.

So, what the hell is going on here?
I think it’s very common in here (in my country) to happen like this. Like this example, if you don’t like the porn, then there should be no porn around you rather then trying to let yourself not to get attracted by the porn itself. I guess it’s not the way to stop the “bad things”, you know!

If you don’t like something, then don’t try to get rid of it from your surrounding. But try to control yourself not to get attracted. If you can’t, then simply admit that you are not at tough as expected.

For this “Smack Down” issue, I think we can’t just ask the local TV to stop showing the programme. But it would be a better idea to control your children when watching such programme (and give them understanding about what they are watching). The programme itselt showed at late night (22:00). If you are a good parents, I think you have asked your children to sleep at that time.

So, still want to ask the local TV to stop the programme?

Well, today we are entering information age. If your children can’t watch the programme (because the TV is no longer showing the programme), he can buy the CD/DVD version of the show… They could can read the information from the Internet… They could discuss about this thing with their friend… etc.
Simply, banning the programme is not the solution. It’s just a simple solution from a desperate person.

But, giving an understanding to your children about “what they see”, “what they hear”, and “why they can or can’t” will last forever than banning the programme from the local TV show.

I can understand the emotion from the parents whose son got injured or maybe killed becase of “smacked down” by his friend. But once again, banning the programme is not the solution. You simply can’t watch your children activity 7×24 in his/her life. They are many things (and many-many will come) to influence your children (porn, harassment, cheating, etc).

You can’t ban all of these things from your children and expect your children not to meet such bad things.
So instead of over protecting your precious stuff (like building a steel garage to avoid you car scratched), please learn how to drive the car carefully to avoid accident. Instead of banning such programme, once again, please give a better understanding for you children about what they should and what they shouldn’t. It will last longer inside his/her mind and will build his/her character in the future rather than you over protect him/her. And if someday he/she meets something that may be bad for his/her life, he/she knows how to avoid it becase he/she has learned about it. You can’t accompany your children forever. All of us will die someday, and your children have to face the world by him/herself.
Just a piece of me… read it as-is…