Last week, started on 6th November 2006, I had a 8 days trip to 4 cities in Indonesia. What a tiring trip! We spend day one to trip to Yogyakarta (after a slight delay on the flight). Arrived at night, we got dinner and prepared few things on the room. Then had a nice rest on Mercure Hotel.

I gave speech about Digital Home Entertainment. Photo above was taken on Yogyakarta (2nd day). Not too crowded, only around 50 people watching the events (hey this is Monday! People have to work or study). On the next day, we continued the trip to Banjarmasin. But we had to transit to Surabaya. And again, for the second time, we had a delayed flight around 4-6 hours (I didn’t remember precisely). We arrived at Banjarmasin quite late and continued with dinner. We stayed at Arum Hotel.

I gave same seminar at Banjarmasin. Well, that time the audiece were quite crowded. I think it was over 100 people there.

The next time, for the second time, we had a trip to Surabaya. No direct flight from Banjarmasin to Balikpapan/Samarinda. So we had to transit to Surabaya. We arrived at Balikpapan around 17.00 then continued the journey to Samarinda using two car (Samarinda has no big airport, so no direct flight to Samarinda). It took two hours ground trip on bumpy road from Balikpapan to Samarinda. We arrived at 21:00 (less or more) and again got dinner. Quite funny, the Grand Victoria Hotel had an Internet connection! And it was free!

I also introduced the new Creative product (the X-Fi Module or XMod) on the dealer session (photo above).

Again, I gave same topic on this events. After all events finished (at 22.00), we packed and prepared for a trip back to Balikpapan. We arrived at Balikpapan around 00.30 and stayed at Comfort Hotel. Well, it was a nice and comfort hotel, but the water had rusty smell 🙁

On the morning, we had an early trip to Medan. But again, there was no direct flight from Balikpapan. We had to transit to Jakarta, then continued the trip to Medan. We arrived at around 16.00 and directly went to Grand Angkasa Hotel. After taking a break, we had dinner on Kesawan. Around 23.00, we backed to hotel and took a rest. The seminar on last city was quite crowded. Over 150 people attended the event.

Finally, after the event finished, we had dinner again around 22.00. This time we had dinner on Semarang (a well know place in Medan for its food). We backed to hotel around 00.00 and took a rest. The next day, at 10.00 we had trip back to Jakarta.

What a tiring trip!