Today is 20th, and I just remember that I have one bill due today. I come early this morning, expect to get faster Internet connection at my office. Then, I set my browser to I do Internet Banking almost for all of my financial purpose, except to withdraw money off course 😉

Then what… I can’t enter the site (at first, I can enter the site but stucked at transaction menu, then I always halted after entering my login). I guess too many user trying to login so the system stucked or something.

I check other sites and work fine. Means there’s nothing wrong with my connection. After almost 1,5 hours trying, I decide to give up. I walk about 1 Kilometre to reach the nearest ATM and do the transaction manually. I guess the infrastructure is not ready, yet, to serve a mass connection or maybe they are doing something inside? I don’t know either. But IMO for such critical application (like Banking) we should consider almost zero downtime. But hey, welcome to Indonesia… one or two hours (or several hours or days?) of downtime is considered normal…. 😉

Just a piece of me…