I was asked to be a speaker at Makassar. The topic was “Blogging for All”. The event was held at MTC Karebosi on 9 September 19:30. The audiences were quite newbie about blogging, so they asked a lot about this topic (and I was running out of time to answer all of their question because I have about one hour only). Here’s some photos from Makassar.

This is Elex Makassar representative building. Not the best building here, but it’s quite big in this area.

Me on action, explaining about blogging 🙂

Me and Hendrik at cafe on the sea side. He always accompanies me everytime I visit Makassar. Thanks man! Note: This is totally over exposured photo. I asked someone to take the photo and he seemed didn’t have any photography skill (oh well, I switched it to the “Auto” mode).

I took this photo few times with different angle. Then, I stitch it with my favourite program, the AutoStitch. The result is about 11000×2000 pixels or something bigger than that. I resize it to 1600 pixel width only. Not the best photo I believe, but at least I have something to be memorized from my trip 😉 Note: Click the image to view the larger version.