I’ve just bought few parts for my stock yesterday. Now, I gather all of my stock components list them here. I found some unique, vintage “well known” good components, and expensive one (some old, some new). If you need assistance how to get these components, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Elna Cerafine. Cerafine is well known as a premium quality capacitor. I’ve stocked some of popular values like 47uF, 100uF, and 220uF (25-100 Volt).

Dale resistor. It is quite famous as a good sounding resistor. Not too bright, and not too dull. Available in 2 or 3 Watts and various resistance.

Silver Mica. Excellent capacitor for high frequency bypass.

Nichicon Fine Gold. Quite hard to find. Available in 22uF/100V value. I can’t find Cerafine for this value, so I choose Nichicon.

Nippon Chemicon KMH. This
“Big monster” has the value of 470uF/450Volt. NOS condition and very affordable.

Sanyo Oscon. Very popular for D/A application. Available in one value only, 10uF/25Volt.

Elna RBP2. I can’t find Cerafine for such high capacitance, so I choose the RBP2. Cheaper than Cerafine, but should sound good near Cerafine. One value only, 330uF/25Volt.

Female RCA from Taiwan. Good quality, solid design, and quite heavy. Some people say that this is “WBT from Taiwan” (price around 1/5-1/8 of original WBT).

Vishay Ultra Fast Avalanche Sintergrass Diode. I believe this is an excellent diode for any of your application. Available up to 1000V (SF5408), 800V (SF5407), etc. All are capable up to 3A.

Siemens Paper-In-Oil Capacitor. I got some in used stock here. Two shown on the photo are 2uF/250Volt. One was built on month 5 year 1972 (05.72), and the other on month 12 year 1963 (12.63). Some other values available are 2.1uF, 4uF, 10uF, and much more. Outstanding capacitor, affordable price (less than your Auricaps, but remember this is used capacitor). The sound is not as dull as other PIO. Uniquely, this capacitor sounds quite bright (harsh) but of course the sense of oil cap is still there.

Alpha Core Inductor. Well known as one of the best inductor. This type of foil inductor is known to have low AC/DC resistance, very low power loss, minimal phase effect, skin effect resistance up to 100 kHz, and no hysterisis distortion! The most transparent inductor ever made for your crossover.

Wonder Capacitor. This is superbly transparent metallized polypropelene capacitor in a limited value and stock. Very ideal for bypassing application in your electronics or crossover circuit. Only three values available: 0.01uF/630V, 4 uF/425V, and 10 uF/310V.

Solen Capacitor. Very popular capacitor due to excellent price/performance ratio. It will cost you 1/5-1/8 of Auricap or Hovland, but it will not sound 1/5-1/8 than the Auricap or Hovland. So, that’s why this capacitor is very popular for upgrading your crappy capacitor on your stock crossover. For a better high end extension, add a better capacitor like Wonder Capacitor for bypassing and you are done.

Auricap Capacitor. Excellent performance especially in the mid tone. Superior audio grade metallized polypropelenes. Black lead is outer foil, while red is inner foil. Please read the instruction manual how to connect the red and black lead to get optimum result (it will not damage your Auricap if you connect it reversely, but it will not perform at its full potential). Excellent quality capacitor at quite affordable price.

Hovland Capacitor. This film and foil polypropelene capacitor is for a speaker builder who expect the best sound reproduction. This capacitor has the clarity, focus, and dynamics to allow exploration of your speaker’s fully potential. The price is quite high for some people (though it’s not the most expensive capacitor), but if you expect the finest quality sound, this capacitor is the one that you should consider.

WBT Silver Solder.
This is one of the most popular and standard silver solder used in many application. It contains 4% silver and produces very transparants and dynamics sound. Some people even put this solder on the PCB line to get the best signal transfer.

Sanyo Gold Capacitor. Available in one value only, 1000uF/50V and short lead. This capacitor is excellent for power supply application. Use it in parallel to achieve higher capacitance and lower ESR. Very affordable price to.

RS Capacitor. Affordable radial electrolytic capacitor. Very good for application which low capacitance but high voltage are needed. If you can’t afford polypropelene capacitor or high class electrolytic (like Black Gate WKZ) for this purpose, this RS capacitor is simply your best choice.

Solen High Voltage Capacitor. This “dynamite” size capacitor has 630V voltage rating. Currently available is 22uF only (parallel it to get even better sound). Sounds best on your high voltage application. Surely this 1.50″x2.30″ capacitor will sound better than your electrolytic. Remember, the size of this capacitor is very big (1.50″x2.30″). Check your space before you buy it. Still considered affordable for its price and quality.

ALPS Motorized Potentiometer. I have nothing much to comments for this one. This is ALPS Motorized potentiometer with one value only, 100KOhm. Sounds good at affordable price. You can remove the motor if you don’t use it.

Nippon Chemicon KME Capacitor. Very cheap and very affordable for your power supply application. Use it in parallel to get higher capacitance and lower ESR. One value only, 470uF/50V.

Standard Big Potentiometer. This standard “big” potentiometer is very affordable and has good performance. It’s better than your standard Alpha potentiometer.

Analog Device AD825 and Brown Dog Converter. This AD825 op-amp has warm, musical, clean, and good separation sound. On most occasion, this op-amp simply will beat your standar OPA2134 or 2604 in terms of musicality. The bad things is, this is mono op-amp. So you will need two of them for your stereo application. Brown Dog converter should be used for this purpose. Shown on the picture is SMD version of AD825 and Brown Dog SMD->DIP converter.

Black Gate F Series Capacitor. Black Gate is the most popular electrolytic. This F Series offers excellent performance and quite affordable (though still expensive for some people). It has a long break-in time, around 200 hours. So never comments its performance before this capacitor passes its break-in time. You will be shocked to hear its sound after this capacitor passes the break-in time. Very-very limited stock and currently available in 100uF/100V only.

Holco Resistor. Holco stands for wHOLe COpper. This highly praised metal film resistor is quite hard to find later these days. Very transparant and detail in terms of musicality. Available in H4 (0.5 Watt) or H2 (1 Watt) version and very high tolerance (specified 0.5-1%, but most of the time it has 0.25% tolerance). Common values are available at very Reasonable price.

Vishay S102 Resistor. Absolutely the BEST resistor in the world. This is very expensive stuff (almost three times than Caddock), so imagine yourself 😉 The sound is very sweet, detail, and musical. Available in used and new conditions (shown on the photo is the used conditions, but this is a high class resistor, though it’s used, but the value and condition are superb!). Limited in terms of stocks and values.

Brown Dog Adapter. Used to convert mono op-amp to single stereo op-amp. Quite tall, so watch your space.

Elna LP5. General purpose and affordable electrolytic capacitor.

Texas Instruments NE5532AP. Another general purpose op-amp. Just for collections 😉

Sfernice RLP10NI Resistor. Wirewound Non Inductive precision 10 Watt resistor. High power and excellent stability with electrical insulation and climatic protection. Expensive, but very recommended for your crossover application.

SK170GR. No comments for this. Vintage stuff, hard to find. Don’t ask for its complementary (2SJ74), because I don’t have any 😉

Wonder Capacitor. This is superbly transparent metallized polypropelene capacitor in a limited value and stock. Very ideal for bypassing application in your electronics or crossover circuit. Only three values available: 0.01uF/630V, 4 uF/425V, and 10 uF/310V.

Madisound Eagle Resistor. Affordable resistor for your crossover. Made from Metal Oxide Film Non-Inductive. The sound is transparant and quite detail at its price range. Various value below 10 Ohm. All at 10 Wattage rating.

Op-Amp Gold Socket (8 pins). Delivers better quality than standard 8 pins socket. Absolutely cheap and affordable!

I have stocked all of this components on my drawer (not much, just few of them) 🙂 Due to high shipment cost, so usually I order more than my own needs. So, some of them may be sold for you. Feel free to email me if you need assistance how to get this components. Due to limited stock, I don’t guarantee for matched pair, but I will provide the best matched value for each components.

Thank you.