A subwoofer is very common in audio system. In your car, in your home, in restaurant, anywhere. It’s not difficult to find a subwoofer. But this one is crazy. We are talking about MTX Audio JackHammer 😉 Check the picture below.

JackHammer is a beast. It’s a 22″ subwoofer. Available in two version, the T9922-44 and T9922-22. They both share almost same design, but the first uses dual 4 Ohm while latter uses dual 2 Ohm.

MTX Audio claims this JackHammer as a mind-blowig subwoofer ever created. It has 23″ tall and 369 pounds weight (167.38 Kg, if you are not familiar with pounds). It’s capable to handle 12.000 Watt peak music and rated about 6.000 Watts RMS (3.000-6.000 RMS amplifier recommended).

The linear excursion is up to 2.5″ (6.35 cm). Not so far, but remember this is a 22″ subwoofer means very wide cone area. The magnet’s weight is about 900 ounce (25,5 Kg!) and made from strontium ferrite. JackThunder uses 6.5″ voice coil with flat wound. Aluminium heatsink also provided to maintain optimum voice coil temperature.

MTX claims this subwoofer can be configured as SQL or SPL mode. The 4 Ohm version should be used for SQL configuration (SQL refers to combination between SPL and SQ). For you how expect outrageous bass, the 2 Ohm verson should suit you. Uniquely, this subwoofer’s cone can be replaced between “everyday” listening and “competition” mode. I don’t know how, but MTX claims it on their website.

I wonder if someone want to use this type of subwoofer either in their home or in their car. I’ve found one, on the Pimp My Ride few months ago. Here’s the screenshot below. You are simply out of your mind to put this thing on your car 😉

Even the crews at West Coast Custom need a fork lift to bring the subwoofer. It’s 369 pounds or 167 Kgs man!

Oh well, it’s hard to move the subwoofer to the car. You need a crank that usually used to mount your engine.

Here’s the picture when the subwoofer want to be placed inside the car. You need a very-very-very heavy box construction, otherwise this subwoofer will damage the place where it will be mounted.

Final photo. The subwoofer is back loaded. The back panel mounted to the front, while the cone is mounted to the rear side. The red ring is used to hold the subwoofer and make sure it will not “jump back” to the front, due to its weight or when it’s playing loud bass. Again, consider to hold a 369 pounds human with his/head head only. You need something to hold his/her back (his/her feet actually) to make is stable, right? So, this happens to the MTX Audio JackHammer!

I wonder to have this subwoofer at home. Hmmm…. I need at least 500 pounds box, with at least 5″ thick of a very hard wood. And off course I need a very strong amplifier. A brigded of car subwoofer will do I guess… but then I will need a very extreme power supply (over 200A perhaps?). Oh well, it’s only a dream anyway. Don’t have to think it seriously about such technical thing 🙂