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Nippon Chemi-con RWE 820uF/550VDC

I digged my old boxes and found this old vintage capacitor, Nippon Chemicon RWE 820uF/550VDC. Very big in size (a little bit bigger than my ASC 40uF/440VAC and surely a...... Read More

Sunday Session at PJ’s House

Since tomorrow is holiday, so I take this Sunday as a “long holiday”. So I pay a visit to my good friend, Mr. Paul a.k.a PJ. I also bring my...... Read More

“Poisonous” Sound

Mercury: a heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element. That’s what I get from Google or common dictionary. Well, as long as it has good sound, it’s deserved to...... Read More

“Out of Tradition” LM1875 Gainclone

Some of people on the net says that Gainclone is one of the shortest amplifier in the world. Some people could make it less than 32 mm on the signal...... Read More

My DIY Speaker (Another) Crossover Tweak

Was a tough and tiring Friday. I want to listen some music (but I need to tweak some). Ok, fire up my iron and start to cook it right away. If...... Read More

Solid State Blind Test Session

It was a nice day, a little bit rainy at the morning. I went to Bintaro (Mr. Didik home) to enjoy a Solid State Blind Test session. After around 1.5...... Read More

iPod “Budget” Tweak

Actually, I don’t do iPod. But just for fun, why not? This is actually an “old” audio tweak, by using this “stuff” below. You can buy it at local bookstore....... Read More

My Aikido on the Box

Finally, I put my Aikido Pre Amp on the chassis. Well, was a tough job since normally I didn’t do such thing (e.g. putting my DIY work on “little bit”...... Read More

A Shoot of My Aikido Preamp

Just take a shoot of my Aikido Preamp (6N1P, 6N6P, and 5U4C/5Z4 rectifier). Will upload the details later. Enjoy this cute pics. Beautiful, isn’t it?... Read More

IFRM: Between the Rectifier and Capacitor

Usually, I never care about the theory behind all of my DIY project. Just plug it, hear it, like it, and finish it. But now, due to some reason (though...... Read More

More Components Arrive…

After here and here, well seems not enough, I have ordered some more components for my next DIY project. Just arrive today. The target is clear. This could be my...... Read More

My Power Supply Transformer

My custom power transformers have just arrived. Like on my previous post, I plan to use 4 power transformer for my next Aikido project (two Heaters and two High Voltage)....... Read More