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Korg Nutube: Similar but Not the Same with Tube

Korg Nutube was introduced first time more than 2 years ago. But yeah, due to quite busy life, I was not really tempted to try this stuff until I got...... Read More

Duelund Standard Resistor with Tinned Copper Lead

The development of boutique component seems never end. Although doesn’t necessarily to be on top grade, but new invention always around (again, some doesn’t necessarily new at all). Few months...... Read More

Indonesia DIY Audio Gathering at Bintaro

It’s been quite some time since last gathering at Bintaro (although I have to admit that I missed some of the gathering due to schedule conflict issue), so finally we...... Read More

Indonesia DIY Audio Gathering Bintaro XIV

It has been a while since the last gathering (Bintaro XIII). So finally at December 21st, the 14th Bintaro gathering held again. You must be quite familiar with below setup,...... Read More

Audio DIY Gathering at Bintaro, Indonesia

Last week, we held a DIY gathering. Located at Bintaro, Indonesia. The host was Mr. Didik F. Wiryawan and family. Around 30+ people were there, was one of the crowded...... Read More

Another Aikido Pre-Amp Mods

Never ending tweaks and mods? Yes I think so. Actually, my Aikido Pre-Amp already sounds good. But as a DIY, I think the journey never ends. Tomorrow always comes with...... Read More

DIY Socket Converter: B4/B5 to Octal Socket

Still remember my Aikido project? Until now, I’m still using Octal socket (since most of my rectifiers are Octal based, like 5U4, GZ37, etc).  Few weeks ago, I was poisoned...... Read More

Gainclone Challenge: Picking My Agents

A Gainclone challenge? Why not? Solid state? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Wise man says ask “Why” five times. But I think I will end up with same answer 😉...... Read More

Aluminum Foil to Wrap Your PC Power Supply Cable

I was involved in the discussion about “Good PC Power Supply“. Then, I suggested a small trick to wrap the power supply cable with aluminum foil (you can find it...... Read More