Korg Nutube was introduced first time more than 2 years ago. But yeah, due to quite busy life, I was not really tempted to try this stuff until I got chance to see myself and decide to grab one of this. So here you go, Korg Nutube with also it’s Evaluation Board.

In general Korg Nutube is a Directly Heated Tube by adopting Noritake Itron Corporation’s Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) technology. So it’s not your 50 years old vacuum tube from WWII. So this new technology also can extend the lifetime up to 30.000 hours. I can say, it’s 21st century tube technology.

Here is the datasheet link.

It has 0.6-0.8 VDC filament voltage (typical 0.7 VDC) and anode voltage between 5-80 VDC, for sure this is not your ordinary vacuum tube. Filament current itself between 16-20 mADC (typical 17 mADC), while anode current around 32 μADC (yes, micro Amp). Amplification factor (μ) around 14.5 with trans-conductance (gm) around 54.

Below is basic schematic from the datasheet.

And also a nice curve…

Looking forward to hear how does it sound. I’m not really expecting too much, but well, this should be another new experience for such new technology.