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Elekit TU-8900 (300B/2A3 Amplifier) Upgrade – Part 2

As usual, very busy with work. So quite slow in the progress. But I managed to finish the headphone output section (Unit-4). Hope you enjoy it!      ... Read More

Construction of Elekit TU-8900: 300B/2A3 Amplifier

Here is the construction video of Elekit TU-8900. There are 3 videos: Two are the construction and one is the testing session. Enjoy!  ... Read More

“The Ultimate” MyRef Rev C – A Tribute to Mauro Penasa

I will start moving out from this WordPress platform to YouTube. The main reason because I feel the video could “talk” more than photo, though it will take more effort...... Read More

Korg Nutube: Similar but Not the Same with Tube

Korg Nutube was introduced first time more than 2 years ago. But yeah, due to quite busy life, I was not really tempted to try this stuff until I got...... Read More

Static Induction Transistor (SIT): The Final Frontier

It has been a really long time since my last post. Just got chance to listen an SIT/V-FET amplifier powered with 2SJ27 and really blew my mind. I listen SIT/V-FET little brother,...... Read More

Indonesia DIY Audio Gathering at Bintaro

It’s been quite some time since last gathering at Bintaro (although I have to admit that I missed some of the gathering due to schedule conflict issue), so finally we...... Read More

Manley Labs Headphone Amplifier

CES 2016 seems like the returning of vintage audio gear. After several turntables, next is we will see tube headphone amplifier from Manley Labs. Okay, Manley Labs is not common...... Read More

Accuphase E-210A Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Always interesting to play with a high quality build vintage equipment, especially this famous Japanese brand Accuphase. The ‘A’ suffix on E-210 model means it has phono preamp inside. Overall,...... Read More

Online Triode Loadline Calculator

There is an interesting website which allows us to simulate the triode loadline, or in other words: Triode Loadline Calculator. The link is here. You can easily drag-and-drop the curver...... Read More

News: Kharma Exquisite P1000

When enough is never enough! I think that would be a proper statement for this new approach from Kharma. Welcome, the Kharma Exquisite P1000 amplifier. I have no plan to...... Read More

F5T (F5 Turbo) PCB

This is indeed a nice F5T (F5 Turbo) PCB. Well designed one, good option and flexibility, and surely good quality fabrication. Time to shop for the parts? 😉... Read More

Sony 2SK82 for SIT Amplifier

After a session on Bintaro, I decided to purchase this Sony 2SK82 for SIT Amplifier project. Don’t know when I will (ever) build this amplifier, but surely it’s nice to...... Read More