I woke up at Friday, 2 February 2007 and saw a great thing to make me stayed at home: flood! Luckily, my house was located quite high above the road (around 1-1,5 metre above the street line). The flood raised around 30 cm on the road outside my house. I sticked inside my house until today, Wednesday 7 February 2007 😉 No lights, no electricity, but lots of food and clean water.

Photo above was taken on the 2nd day (Saturday, 3 February 2007). My neighbors deciced to move out from their house.

Portrait view outside my house.

My courtyard. The flood has reached my car port (around 5-10 cm). Still under my brother’s car).

My one and only companion during this disaster, the Icom Delta 1A, triple band transceiver radio (VHF, UHF, and 1.2 GHz). It uses 6 cell AA battery. I used 6 Ni-MH GP Battery 1.2 Volt 2200 mAh. The standby time around 10-15 hours. I monitored the situation around by using this radio.

My radio in action. Directly monitored 3 frequency (2 metre, 70 cm, and 25 cm). Really and nice and heavy duty transceiver.