Well, nothing special here 😉 Just upload the photo of my fishes and plants. I think we are all busy with our daily life. Work problem, social problem, traffic jam problem, friendship problem, love problem, economic problem, and etc etc.

There’s no better thing than seeing the fishes swimming nicely and asking for food from you (the owner) or spraying water to your thirsty plants. Actually, I don’t do such things before. I prefer to sleep or listen music. But after few days, I start to enjoy this. You can try this kind of hobbies to. They can relax your stiff nerves and maybe can longer your life (due to less stress).

I can’t get better image from my fishes. I only use pocket camera, no SLR here. Hard to adjust the speed, since my room is quite dark. Using higher ISO to maintain higher speed (and freeze the fishes) will introduce more noise. So, that was my best (I know that was the best from the worst). No complain please 😉

One is my fattest and oldest fish (top left). The rest three are new comer. But they can live together anyway 😉 Listen to big mama, eh?

This is one of my favorite plant. I don’t know how to say its name. I think it’s a small orange. Not the one that you can eat I guess (of course you can eat it, but you better let it on its place. It gives you more enjoyment to see it rather to eat it). The fruits are too heavy, so the stick looked pulled down.