I have read a lot of blogs in my life. From my good friends to nobody. I’ve seen a lot of you use blog as an online diary. You write about your dog, your cat, you brother, or even about yourself and your activities.

Nothing’s wrong with that and I don’t mind reading that. It’s totally your rights to write anything that you like on your blog. But hey, why don’t you write something useful inside your blog? I see that some people have done that, but most bloggers dont.

I use an example from my blog. I know few things in audio. So, I write a lot about my knowledge. I hope anybody who need information related about audio can use my blog as reference. I also write down about marketing and ideas related with it. I’m no expert. Just want to share my knowledge. And you don’t have to be an expert to. Just create a category that suit with your skill, then start to share your knowledge.

I guess, it’s time to share knowledge by using blog 🙂
So we can share our knowledge by reading blogs, not just information like your dog has a birthday or you just came back from vacation 😉