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SMD to DIP Converter

As part of my modification plan (for my Korg MR-2000S), I will need to convert the SMD to DIP. That’s because all the original components on the Korg MR-2000S mostly...... Read More

Burson Supreme Sound OpAmp 4th Generation First Impression [Continued]

My first impression was here which you can look around if you haven’t read that. Last time, I ordered 5 pcs of Burson Audio Discrete OpAmp for my ASUS Xonar...... Read More

Burson Supreme Sound OpAmp 4th Generation First Impression

OpAmp. Well, what’s inside your mind when reading word “OpAmp”? A tiny chip with several pins? Could be. Actually, there are several ways to get the job done. First, we...... Read More

OpAmp Testing on ASUS Xonar Essence One

When the night comes, it’s a good time to listen some musics while summing up today’s work 😉 So here is the shoot of ASUS Xonar Essence One DAC section....... Read More

Evening Soldering Practice: LME 49720HA

It’s been quite some time since I play with small soldering job. Time to practice a bit more. On the same time, I have to solder my LME 49720HA to...... Read More

Tracing Asus Xonar Essence One PCB

The first thing that we have to do before doing some mods activity is to find out who is where, why, and doing what. We can easily exclude when and...... Read More

AD825 and LM49720

AD825 has been my favorite opamp for quite some time. But seeing the new trend of LM49720, I think it’s gonna be a good idea to have a try. From...... Read More

OpAmp to Upgrade Xonar Essence One

I was digging my component box to see if I can find some other opamp to be used in Xonar Essence One. Luckily I still have some obsolete (but my...... Read More