I was digging my component box to see if I can find some other opamp to be used in Xonar Essence One. Luckily I still have some obsolete (but my favorite) AD825.

I also bought a couple of new one few days ago (LME 49860 and JRC5532).

AD825 is still my favorite. It was on the generation of OPA627 as they are both share similar mono type opamp. Although quite obsolete, but price wise, this AD825 is not cheap at all as mono opamp. Need to use some converter in order to use them in DIP socket.


I also plan to try this ‘cheap’ NJM/JRC 5532. JRC is unlikely to be my favorite, but due to it’s cheap price, there is always place to use this one.

Another interesting candidate in I/V or Buffer section is LME49860. This is my first time playing with this type of opamp. So I hope I pick a right one, then.

During the searching process, I also found some old LM1875T “Gainclone” chip on my drawer. Well, it seemed I have enough stock on hand to build several “Gainclone”. Not a bad setup inside the bedroom.