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Sad News from Jensen Capacitors…

It’s a sad news when I read this on Duelund Coherent Audio (DCA) Instagram post. A/S Tobias Jensen Production has decided to stop production of their Jensen brand capacitors/inductors. As...... Read More

New Year’s Challenge Continues [Mission 762 Speaker Modification]

If you have read this previous article, probably you got my point when reading this one. Now, I’m doing the modification for the speaker. After several serious examination (well, you...... Read More

Human-Based Winding Machine

I need to build small chokes for my AD1865 DAC. After some calculation, it comes to specific wire length, turns, and layers. In order to maintain the stiffness of the...... Read More

Measuring DIY Choke with L/C Meter

My cheap L/C Meter has arrived. With this new tool, I can play and explore more, especially things related with inductance, like Choke or Inductor. Although this is not the...... Read More

DIY Power Inductor

I need some small inductor for my DAC power supply section, but finding appropriate one is not an easy job. I have found several ready to use inductor, but whether...... Read More