It has been a really long time since my last post. Just got chance to listen an SIT/V-FET amplifier powered with 2SJ27 and really blew my mind. I listen SIT/V-FET little brother, 2SK82 quite some time ago and wasn’t that impressed.

I’m not saying I’m back. But this SIT/V-FET virus definitely worth to make me start writing again. Well, literally only for this SIT/V-FET . Not yet, I’m not back in my DIY Audio hobby yet…

I was so lucky to acquire quad Sony 2SJ27 (well, not so lucky to get 2SK77) and few pairs of Tokin 2SK180.

Those gems, especially 2SK77/2SJ27 are so rare so the price now is skyrocketing.

While Tokin 2SK180 while still available in limited quantity, also getting a significant price increase. Especially when they are curve traced and/or C/D rating and pair/quad quantity.

A bit different fate with Sony 2SK77/2SJ27. Even these two types are coming naked and untested, the price is still at sky level. Sounds like vintage tube kind of price.

As you can see above, Tokin 2SK180 with D rating, taken with Nikkor Micro 200mm / F4 (my camera gear also needs some warming up). The different between rated (B/C/D) and non-rated one (no alphabet marking) are the pinch-off voltage. C-grade is more negative than D-grade and so on. Non-graded one are more random.

Above photo showing the different between 2SJ27 vs 2SK180. Although all are VFET, but the Sony one got thicker pins (left) vs Tokin one (right). Well, vintage stuff mostly build like a tank with cost no object.

Some of you might be familiar with other VFET which went famous earlier, the Sony 2SK82. Now this 2SK82 for sure looked small vs the bigger brother 2SJ27/2SK180.

Will it be tube amp killer? With some serious fine tuning, it might be a serious contender. Really serious.

’til we meet again on the construction of this amplifier. But trust me, it won’t be soon…