Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer is quite unique. The appearance is 8-pins SMD, but the footprint is nowhere on the 8-pins SMD one. I have tried BrownDog PCB to mount, but it just doesn’t fit (or I pick wrong PCB). But anyway,  I don’t think this will bring so much trouble for people like me (or us) who likes to tinker around.

So I cut a PCB into small size, and mount the transformer on the top of it. The output wires are 24 AWG UP-OCC wire which should be more than capable to do the job.

Below is the photo of the output side. Be noted that the two pins on the center are the ground wire. You can either float it or connect it to the ground.


The primary side uses only 2 pins. The two on the center are not connected.


The PCB before the transformer mounted on the top of it. I solder the wires first to prepare adequate space. Later, just solder the transformer on the top of the ‘tin ball’. Easy!


Preparing the DIY copper housing to shield the transformer.


The next task is to put the transformer inside the housing. I’m still waiting for the ingredients to come (delayed due to the holiday season). Meanwhile, Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrates it!