This is actually an old card, but I think I can have a use if I can get an adequate mainboard with PCI slot. This card was quite famous at that time, with excellent 24/192 support and tons of I/O interface. The core is similar with the one used at Creative SoundBlaster series (EMU10K processor), but surely at different ammunition to support it.

The main PCI card only provide digital I/O (Coax and Optic/ADAT). One FireWire also found here. The last one is RG-45 connector, which must be connected to external docking (don’t ever plug your network cable here!). That docking will provide all I/O functionality, including a nice dedicated headphone amplifier with independent volume control.

This is a professional card. So we shall not expect a stupid re-sampling like on most consumer grade sound card, right? So we will see some separate crystal oscillator around.

Well, another one…

I believe we have some more…

Zoomed on one of the crystal.

The docking drive. It will provide a huge amount of I/O, both analog and digital.

The inputs, powered by AKM 5394 ADC and some JRC opamps. Some electrolytic could be upgraded. Relay is standard Takamisawa.

Zoomed view of the input side.

The output side powered by Cirrus Logic 4398 DAC and again some JRC opamps. This Cirrus Logic DAC used is even higher than the one used at Lynx Two (if I remember correctly). But frankly speaking, I still prefer the sound of Lynx, though.

This orange capacitor reminds me of Sikorel, but surely it’s not!

The stacked PCB design is quite unique with a lot of tall jumpers.

A ‘pregnant’ caps on my audio rig! Noooooo…. That’s impossible! But it happens!

I think this card could use a short modification. Replacing some opamps, some caps, and some connectors could improve. Will see after I could get an adequate mainboard to test.