Sometime it’s nice to build something simple at low cost, but reasonably sounds good. Today, we’re gonna make a simple interconnect cable. The purpose is actually I need to build two pairs of interconnect cables to be used on my wife’s mother home. Surely no OCC, 7N, or silver wire involved here.

After a quick chat, I decide to take a set of Canare cable and RCA. Not too expensive, but well build, and sounds reasonably good. Below is the final appearance of the interconnect. But we have to follow some steps before we can make it happens.

First, I buy few metres of L-2T2S bare cable. There are several option, from the original Japan to the non-Japan version. Non-Japan is cheaper, but I could see smaller diameter/less stranded wire and less insulation. But from my past experience, the non-Japan version sounds a bit smoother/warmer. So it’s your call to decide. Price also only slightly different around 20%.

Inside of the cable, we can see some braided copper shield covering the outside surface before the outer most PVC insulation. Then, we can see also some smooth fabric (?), before finally the twin stranded wire. So actually this also works as balanced cable if needed.

Final preparation before soldering process.

Soldered, as usual with WBT solder. I haven’t soldered anything for several months, and quite funny that I almost forget how does the WBT smell… 😉

Final testing, with Behringer MiniMIX 800, a simple Karaoke machine. Well, surely it works great and no complain. Thinking to compare how this cheap DIY cable could perform against some more expensive one. Dare to try?