I ordered Duelund CAST Cu capacitor few months ago. I already have Duelund CAST Ag (Silver) on my Aikido Preamp. But I wanted Duelund CAST for my future amp (probably it’s gonna be another abandoned project?). As the CAST Ag price is very not reasonable (around US$2500 or more for a pair of 1 uF/630 VDC), then I think the CAST Cu is the best option (around US$ 1200 a pair). I also ordered my Alexander by Duelund capacitor (less than US$ 200 a pair of 0.47 uF/900 VDC), just to ‘finalized’ my passion on it (how bad it could be?).

After around 3 months or so production, finally the goods arrived on my home yesterday. When I opened it, I got a surprise. Duelund changed their chassis design for the CAST capacitor. See below.

I think the design is more likely a ‘small car battery’. Quite nice, since the new design is smaller and it’s ‘boxy’ design could fit on most PCB easily, compared with the old ‘moon cake’ chassis design.

A shoot from the side, one is 0.47uF, the other is 1 uF. Not too much different in size, but could be 40% larger in volume.

Size and dimension… 6 cm length? Not bad! Now they can compete with ‘common capacitor’ and not considered as ‘nerd’ one.

Comparing with the old one, my Duelund CAST Ag 1 uF/630 VDC. Definitely the new one is better in terms of appearance and savvy in terms of placement.

Duelund always proud that they are handmade in Denmark ๐Ÿ˜‰

Top side comparison. Be noted that the center and the right are 1 uF version, while the left is 0.47 uF version. I think this new design is easier for designer to implement this capacitor on their equipment, especially on the PCB. I feel that the old design is quite classic and elegant, while the new design is more modern and simple.

Bye-bye ‘moon cake’ design… ๐Ÿ™‚