My rectifier socket got problem, accidentally, the one of the pin was broken yesterday. So I fill this weekend to repair it. Since I used to use Octal and B4 based, why don’t I put two sockets to simplify my life? Yeah, why not?

With the help of my drill and hole-saw, I drill two holes on a piece of acrylic. It’s true that with right equipment, you can get a nice result. Below is the result of both socket mounted on the acrylic. I use cheap socket first, since this is most likely only for fun.

The acrylic mounted on the chassis. Sorry, the cables are here and there (dangerous) – but since this is my own experimental unit, so kindly forgive me 😉 Now I can use the Octal and B4 Rectifier easily. Don’t forget to change the filament voltage though, or we shall blow those 4V rectifier.