Rumors said that Microsoft could be interested to buy Research in Motion (RIM), famous BlackBerry maker. According to Reuters: “Microsoft has been mentioned as a possible buyer,” said Frederic Ruffy, an analyst at options education firm Optionetics in California. “According to speculation, the software giant might be interested in RIM in response to Google’s recent announcement that it is interested in making its own mobile phone operating system, which would compete with Windows Mobile,” he added.

RIM shares also grew up 3.35% on Nasdaq. The good news seemed put optimism on the market. We’ll see whether this “good” news will become a reality in the near future. So far, BlackBerry device is very popular in professional market. People can retrieve their e-mails in real time basis, just like SMS. BlackBerry device also support chat features, with popular messaging application supported like MSN or Yahoo Messenger. Latest BlackBerry device also equipped with multimedia feature, like camera and audio/video player.