Monthly Archives: August 2006

Subjective Audio Quality: Nokia N91 vs Sony Ericsson W810i

Okay, okay. I’ve seen a lot of audio player enabeld phones review. But, most of them only evaluate the phone functionality, audio player interface, and etc… etc. I know that...... Read More

Sound Cards RMAA Frequency Response Comparison

I have done a lot of testing on sound cards. Not too much, around 12 cards actually which result was saved on my hard drive. I will post the RMAA...... Read More

CAT 6 DIY Solid State Interconnect Cable

I’ve just finished building my new interconnect cable. Just want to share the photo here. Here’s the specs: – Based on CAT 6 twisted cables with unique structure – Aluminium...... Read More

Nokia vs Walkman: Marketing vs Technology

If you have been in this world for at least 15 years, I’m sure you know what is “Walkman” refers to. At that time, maybe you didn’t know who is...... Read More