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Ultimate Transformer for Elekit TU-8900: The One and Only?

My new Ultimate Transformers have just arrived. Power Transformer: HiB Double C-Core & OCC Cu/Copper Wire Output Transformer: NanoCrystalline/Finemet Double C-Core & OCC Ag/Silver Wire You can see more detail...... Read More

Tin Solder Experiment: Mixing Gold, Silver, and Tin

I have been waiting for quite some time to try this experiment: To try my own formula for tin solder. I own, test, and use a lot of tin solder...... Read More

Between Myth and Fact…

This article, for most people, considered as ‘snake oil’ or made by ‘retarded audiophool guy’ (could be me). I just throw a little bit idea in this post, but feel...... Read More

Diamond for Dummies: Some Basic to Pick Your First Diamond

Don’t ask me why I write this article. It’s just that… I like to learn new things… Everything. Just sometimes I get enough with my daily IT life, then why...... Read More