Many know Yamamoto for its Teflon tube socket. But maybe not many know about Yamamoto Teflon Female RCA socket.

The center and external conductor are shaved out from phosphorus bronze and chromium copper, then plated by thick Gold. The insulator off course made from high quality Teflon, like its tube socket.


It comes with several different color rings, instead of just standard red and white (left/right channel). Probably will be useful for multi channel application. Nickel free contact – off course!

If you see above picture carefully, you will realize that the conductor was crafted with very fine detail – similar with Yamamoto Teflon tube socket. Most of Yamamoto gold plated also doesn’t have mirror finish. Why? Because it’s Nickel free. So the gold will have a bit opaque color. It’s your call to go with or without Nickel, but I prefer latter one.