Please go back here if you haven’t read the first article. On this second part, I’m about to create the potting ingredients to pot my Lundahl choke. I have several experimental ingredients, so some of them might not be exposed in detail as the result is still beyond my imagination.

One of important thing that we have to remember is beware of the chemical and its effect. Some of this chemical could be dangerous if exposed with fire. The solution is to use temperature controlled electric stove or for a ‘poor man’s tools’ – I would prefer a simple double boiler. You can use candles (note the ‘s’, means you need more candles to reach your needed temperature) or you can use gas based stove. FYI, double boiler would be safer (if you can’t get a temperature controlled stove) as the temperature mostly would not exceed 100 degrees Celcius.

My digital infrared thermometer definitely becomes a very handy device here. I can monitor the surface temperature on different side of the pan. Just to make sure it will not exceed my needed range.

After finishing one ingredient, I need to go for the 2nd one. This one is to re-lacquer my Lundahl choke (I don’t know if we do have term ‘re-lacquer’ in English, though). This Shellac is very common used for this purpose. I buy in flakes, so need to crunch them into smaller parts. A coffee grinder should fit the job, but I doubt I can have access to that device without hearing any scream inside the house 😉 So, manual job with a hammer should fit the job.

Pour them into my 96% Alcohol. This is a really heavy cut of Shellac. Not quite sure if this really works or not as normally I use 1-2 lbs cut, this is several times higher cut.

Juice is ready! Several days needed to make sure they all blended well. They can have use of shaking and stirring for sure!

Curing test for the Shellac. Nice ‘chocolate’, huh?