I love the Duelund CAST Resistor sound on my speaker crossover. Despite its cost, it’s better than some of my previous favorites, like Sfernice or Mills (YMMV). But since they are designed for crossover application, so they don’t have such high value. I manage to get special order one, custom value at 299R.

Definitely, 299R is not a common value at crossover application. Not even close.

One measured at 303.6R while the other measured at 305.6R. At 0.6-1.6% accuracy, I think it should be fine.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I plan to put this cute black resistor on Grid application, on my tube preamp. Which preamp, we will see later 😉

I also took some photos of my friend new Duelund CAST Cu and CAST Ag capacitor. Damned they are beautifully designed although *cough* a little bit oversize!

Below is the CAST Cu for crossover. Only 4 uF in value, but the size is huge. As comparison, you can see the “tiny” Duelund CAST Resistor nearby.

Another shoot of the 4 uF Duelund CAST Cu. Like a small flying saucer? 😉

The new Duelund CAST Ag also could be customized to use their own interconnect (not quite sure if it’s 0.5/1.0/2.0) as leadout wire, but I believe at extra cost. Before (my CAST Ag) only used standard silver leadout wires.