Before, my main transformer was designed to be mounted in vertical position. As you can see, the L-Shape was designed to be bolted on the main chassis vertically.

Due to some reason, after few hours experimenting, I didn’t really like this vertical position. Why? I haven’t found enough evidence, but for now, I must change the mounting position, from vertical to horizontal.

After few hours on the local electronic parts shop, I managed to find some tools for this purpose. And another few hours to install this and here is the result. Tadaaa… My transformer is ready to be mounted horizontally.


Below is the picture when I constructed the “special DIY feet” to accomplish my idea. Not really a neat job, but at least, it did the job perfectly 😉

Now I can mount my transformer nicely in horizontal position. This is one of the best transformer I’ve ever got. With Z11 material, this transformer is completely overrated! It doesn’t seem warm even after 8 hours of burn-in test (fully loaded, around 100 VA).