Finally it’s done, the modification of Asus Xonar Essence One (E1). Before we go to a final listening test, let’s enjoy some pictures first.

As I have explained before, this is not the best design to mount the big Jensen electrolytic capacitor. But it seems I don’t really have many option here.


Three Black Gates, two are F Series, and one is N series. The best approach in power supply. Sadly, my stock is running out. So must use them wisely in very vital section.


Jensen’s bridge in closer look. Wires are UP-PCC 1 mm diameter in Teflon. Quite stiff and not easy to arrange.


The bridge in other angle. I think need to have sort of wood or permanent mounting kit, instead of this simple foam wall.

891-PSU Side

So, how does it sound?

Well, I was shocked a bit when I powered up the unit but all the controls were not functioning. Only power LED lit up. I quickly realized that I wrongly inserted the cable from the audio board to front panel board. The cable was reversely connected (the connector that should be connected to the audio board was connected to the front panel board and vice versa). Unit powered up, but no function on the buttons (I started to sniff around to see if I could smell some smoke ha~~~). Shit, this gonna be my first failure when modifying an audio gear (knocked the wood!!!). But luckily I realized that and after reversing the cable, everything worked fine (as expected!).

During first hour, I can hear that so many Cerafine’s sound around. The mid is impressive (where the hell those sibilance?). The low is well controlled (much better than the standard/original). Well, it must be the Black Gate contribution.

High is very clear, detail, crisp, but still natural and musical. I think Os-Con and Black Gate FK/N combination is DAC supply is well worth combination, plus low impedance Rubycon ZA in internal PCM1795 feedback. No more such ‘hi-fi’ sound as usually heard from the original Asus Xonar Essence One (E1).

Listening Barb Jungr – Love Letter never sounds so good in my living room.

I’m still thinking if the final capacitor shouldn’t be Cerafine, but will see after 200 hours of playing. Probably some op-amp will be tweaked a bit.


Will see how this Asus Xonar Essence One (E1) will compete against higher class DAC. I have Lynx HiLo waiting on the other corner 😉