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Korg MR-2000S: Looking What’s Under the Hood

I have some spare time on this weekend, so I continue the pending journey from last time: Disassembling Korg MR-2000S. Before we continue, you might want to check this link...... Read More

Nokia E7 ‘USB On-The-Go’ Connects to USB Sound Card (It Works!)

“USB On-The-Go” is not really a new thing actually. But since I have ‘exiled’ myself from the glamorous gadget world, probably I have missed this one. So, I just acquire...... Read More

QLS QA-550 SD Card WAV Player “Naked”

My new digital transport has just come, QLS QA-550. This is actually a SD Card WAV Transport, as it only has digital out (either Coaxial or Optical) and internally I2S...... Read More