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SMD to DIP Converter

As part of my modification plan (for my Korg MR-2000S), I will need to convert the SMD to DIP. That’s because all the original components on the Korg MR-2000S mostly...... Read More

Tracing Asus Xonar Essence One PCB [Deeper and Deeper]

As I have informed on previous post here, the best way to trace the PCB is to remove as much component as possible. This to make sure some of your...... Read More

Custom PCB for Yamamoto 9-Pin Teflon Tube Socket [Part 2]

Perhaps you still remember the first article about designing the PCB? Now finally, the PCB has been done. The result is quite awesome, as the specs also set at premium...... Read More

Custom PCB for Yamamoto 9Pin Teflon Tube Socket

I bought Yamamoto 9Pin socket few weeks ago and I just realize that actually I need the PCB in order to make the soldering process easier. As you also notice,...... Read More


I designed a simple SRPP PCB for my own project. A special thanks to my friend, Mr. ATP who helped to process the PCB fabrication. Well, later these days, I...... Read More

PCB Made in America

Well, this is a surprise news for me (at first). A “Made in America” PCB? Seriously? Few months ago, my friend introduced me to TubeCAD (and finally led me to...... Read More