There is always something new and interesting in DIY audio world. That’s why this sort of endless journey for me. Meeting new friend, trying new setup, testing new “invention” (or tweak), sharing new combinations, and so on.

This time, I got chance to test what so called as “Quantum Disc” made by ATP and specifically designed for Schumann Resonator. You can check the article about Schumann Resonator here and here. Oh, both are made in Indonesia 🙂


The usage of this ATP Quantum Disc itself is quite easy and straight forward. We just need to put the disc on top of the PCB of Schumann Resonator – on the top of circle antenna to be precised.

I tested the Schumann Resonator with and without ATP Quantum Disc. Surprisingly, the Quantum Disc brings significant amount of improvement when combined with Schumann Resonator. It enhances the effect of Schumann Resonator. It’s not like making it stronger or doubling the effect, but more on “enhancing” the effect. The effect of Schumann Resonator will become more “distinct”. I even closed my eyes and asked my colleague to turn the Resonator on/off and put/remove the Quantum Disc – just to make sure I was not being affected with what I saw. And yes, the effect is real. It’s a bit like ramping up effect when turned on (not instant), but when turned off, the impact was quite immediate – we were losing something.

After testing few times just to confirm, the Schumann Resonator with and without ATP Quantum Disc, I end up with confirmation that the combination of both are simply the best one. I did the test with some of my colleagues and also in some different locations. Ended up with same conclusion.

PS: I’m not quite sure if the terms “Quantum” really means something and/or whether the complex circle pattern also contributes to the effect. So please don’t ask me about this 😉