Do you realize that your measurement device also need a battery replacement? Some might not aware about this. Not only your digital device, but also your analog “needle” based measurement device. They do need battery replacement.

I bought this Sanwa PC510 long time ago, maybe around 5 years ago. To be honest, I don’t use this quite often. Therefore, my first battery replacement just happening now. I have been waiting for this, so actually I have prepared the replacement battery.

Finally, I’m seeing the battery logo (marked with red circle below). That is a sign that my meter is calling for battery replacement.


It’s quite easy to change the battery. All you need is to remove one screw on the back of this Sanwa PC510, then remove the back cover. The original battery is GP with 9V type. GP is one quite popular name in this battery industry.


Be noted that you have to plug the battery on the right polarity. You could damage the device if you plug it wrongly. And this Sanwa PC510 doesn’t use wire and matched pin/connector to connect to the battery. You only need to put the battery inside the compartment, and two pieces of metal will connect to the both positive and negative pin on the battery. There are markings there for positive and negative, so make sure you will not overlook that.

Somehow, I would prefer a design with matched pin/header type connector for 9V type of battery (picture below). That kind of connetor could avoid user from plugging the battery to the wrong polarity.


Finally, it’s not easy to source a good and reliable 9V battery. Using a low quality battery might have risk of leaking, especially if you don’t use your meter for long time (like me). This leakage could risk your device, not only your battery!

After searching around, I got help from my friend, Mr. Ali “Kaban”, to get Panasonic. This has “leak resistance” feature – something that I couldn’t find on several other brands that I could find locally. So here you go, Panasonic Extra Heavy Duty on my Sanwa PC510. It’s ready to rock and roll…