As usual, every certain period, the local DIY audio group in Indonesia will have a small gathering in Bintaro. This is one of the favorite place (there are some other smaller places, but usually the biggest gathering always held here). The house is owned by F. Didik Wiryawan, which known as ‘MOSFET lover & master’ in Indonesia.

If you have visited my blog frequently, the picture below should be familiar for you.

A pair of giant speaker, some equipments on the center, etc has become a common menu during the gathering. It has become a standard actually 😉

As usual, the best part of the gathering is ‘meet and greet’ session. As the gathering usually done every 2-3 months, there will be a lot of things to be shared between the members. Sometime, this even more important that the testing equipment session itself. Btw, photo below did emphasize the needs of stand-alone flash (which I left at home). The onboard flash on my camera definitely couldn’t cover for such a long distance.

The main course of the day, the SIT amp. Don’t know why, I think we have become a fans of Nelson’s design later these days. After J2 amp, I think the SIT is the next final frontier.

It sounded impressive, very impressive. Dynamic, superb transient (seemed like you always has extra torque), detail of the vocal, harmonic, resolution, timbre, it’s all there. But the limitation of the small power eventually raised some issue on the giant speaker used on this session, especially for some some genre, like Classic, which would be nice to be played in a louder volume. The option is simple: Find a more efficient speaker or design a higher power amp (but with the taste of SIT). I would say that the first option is more feasible.

After some testing, we also found out that the preamp, which was based on Pumpkin-Shunty design + LDR based volume control, indeed has become a very perfect couple.

Other preamp brought by one of the member. If I remember correctly, it’s FET based preamp. Unique chassis design.

Prototype of F6… Well… 😉

Solid state power amp with output transformer. It sounded interesting, but I thought the Output Transformer could be improved a bit to give a better resolution. It was a very good start and not bad at all. But if the owner could have a better quality OPT, definitely it would improve the sound a lot.

That’s all folks. It was a very nice gathering and thanks to the host, F. Didik Wiryawan, his wife, and their daughter.