I don’t like expensive cable. My most expensive one was Kimber, the lower one was Synergistic Research. But I was stunned when listened my friend’s Duelund interconnect 0.5 and 2.0. Now, Duelund launches their new interconnect, the 2.0 Rev 2. This Rev 2 means the improvement over the original 2.0. They said, this one has more silver and better (silk) insulation. Ok, I have put half of my feet on the water, there’s no way back, let’s go deeper (that means, go deep inside your pocket to get this one).

The main ingredients of this cable is Silver (oil impregnated) with Silk insulation.

If we are talking Duelund CAST Silver as the most expensive capacitor, their cable is not even close to the most expensive one (like Pear Cable, Kubala Sosna, or Nordost Valhalla). But still, spending over US$ 40 per foot/single cable has never been an easy job.

The appearance more likely like a silver tape with my old socks! 🙂 Well, it’s a silk though!

The label on the package. My first cable from Duelund. The word “Antistatic” seems interesting, though I have no idea what is that.

I combine the Duelund 2.0 Rev 2 with Cardas SRCA Male Plug. As usual, soldering the Cardas never been an easy job! The surface is very slippy. My 30W Goot soldering station and WBT seems didn’t mix up perfectly with them (as usual – this is the common thing with Cardas slippy surface). Perhaps I needed 100W soldering station? Not really. All I need was extra patient.

After few hours finding a right way to connect the Duelund to Cardas, finally I finished the process. The flat wire model of Duelund interconnect also added another problem on the “silky round” surface of the Cardas. It’s done, that’s the most important thing.

I got flu today, so hardly to give evaluation of this Cardas Duelund combo because the flu affect my listening capability. But from my first short impression, it has depth/wide staging, harmonically rich – especially on the vocal, and  fluid high extension. Low also quite proportional, but hard to give further impression due to my flu problem.