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Universal Tube Power Supply Unit Design Plan

As a DIY, I think it’s important to have a dedicated power supply module. I have tried several design, but finally got tired if I have to finalized the build...... Read More

Slowing Down the Tone…

I do love the improvement after I finish the VCap TFTF Capacitor Mods on my Aikido Power Supply. The staging is awesome. I could “see” not only a center point,...... Read More

VCap TFTF on Power Supply Test

Yes, you might call me crazy! A Teflon VCap TFTF on Power Supply section? If I need to make myself clear, this 0.47uF/600VDC VCap TFTF Teflon capacitor will cost you...... Read More

Extreme Capacitors Battle (1st Session)

Just what I’ve promised before, finally today I do the most awaited Capacitors Battle. Actually the “real battle” will be done within next few days. Let’s say, this is as...... Read More

Capacitors Break-In Session

Still remember the extreme capacitors battle? Well, we need to break-in those capacitors first for a fair judgement. So here it is. I don’t have much time to break-in those...... Read More