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Infinity Power 3 Audiophile Fuse: When Safety Can Be Fun!

Few weeks ago, I got introduced by my good friend about this new fuse product. He got some samples for me to play with. Well, I’m not a believer in fuse....... Read More

Schumann Resonator Made in Indonesia (Continued)

I understand that I didn’t put too many photos on my first article regarding this Schumann Resonator here. I was too excited (and too lazy) to edit the photos. So...... Read More

Schumann Resonator Made in Indonesia

Finally, high quality Schumann Resonator made in Indonesia. This kit is made by my colleague in Bandung, Indonesia. For you who don’t know about Schumann related information, allow me to...... Read More

Tweaking with Musicsnap

On our last local DIY Audio gathering, we were provided with a free complimentary set of a new tweaking stuff. It was called Musicsnap. On my imagination, this kind of...... Read More

My DIY Speaker (Another) Crossover Tweak

Was a tough and tiring Friday. I want to listen some music (but I need to tweak some). Ok, fire up my iron and start to cook it right away. If...... Read More

iPod “Budget” Tweak

Actually, I don’t do iPod. But just for fun, why not? This is actually an “old” audio tweak, by using this “stuff” below. You can buy it at local bookstore....... Read More