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Building Tube Tester/Tracer: uTracer V6

Construction video of my new uTracer V6. Previously, I built uTracer V3+ which also very good Tube Tracer/Tester. Only somehow voltage and current is a bit limited. You can see...... Read More

Disassembly Hickok 539B

Due to high workload on my primary job, I prefer to leave my serious listening session for a while. So if you are waiting for my Gainclone Project initial impression,...... Read More

Cleaning Up My Hickok 539B Tube Tester

The first thing that I need to do to refurbish my Hickok 539B Tube Tester is to clean up its appearance. I bought CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. This quick drying...... Read More

Hickok 539B Tube Tester

I manage to secure one vintage tube tester, a Hickok 539B. This is an ultimate tester, Lab grade, and one of the most wanted tester on eBay. Don’t ask how...... Read More

Beautiful Glowing Tubes This Week

I dig my tube boxes and found this old tube. Not a really expensive or most wanted tube, yeah… just an old Western Electric 393A tube. It’s a Argon and...... Read More

Beautiful Glowing Tubes

One factor that makes me like tube is its glow. Well, it’s hard to explain, but some tubes have a beautiful color, especially in dark room. Here is some of...... Read More

Weekend Tube Testing with Knight 600 Tube Tester

After previous trip to “trash bin” shop, now it’s the time to test it 😉 So I open my old Knight 600 Tube Tester and fire it up. Picture below...... Read More

My Knight 600 Tube Tester

I went to my friend’s house to test my “old” Knight 600 Tube Tester. It was old, I got from eBay. I didn’t have step down transformer on hand, so...... Read More