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Ultimate Transformer for Elekit TU-8900: The One and Only?

My new Ultimate Transformers have just arrived. Power Transformer: HiB Double C-Core & OCC Cu/Copper Wire Output Transformer: NanoCrystalline/Finemet Double C-Core & OCC Ag/Silver Wire You can see more detail...... Read More

J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer (More Pictures)

Ken sent me more pictures. It would be interesting as the production is entering the final stage. I will not write much about this transformer as I have done that...... Read More

J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer

I have spent quite a lot of time to find a good transformer maker who can build something “beyond ordinary”. That means something standard (or a bit above standard) is...... Read More

Salvaging Some Parts from Old Marantz PM400AVK

Long time no post. Quite a busy months. Let’s start with a simple one. All photos were taken with my Nokia Lumia 1020. I was too lazy to use my...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl Choke [Part 1]

It’s been a while since this idea came to my head few months back. Now it’s time to make it happens. As you might also know that Lundahl is one...... Read More

Vertical Mount Transformer

Finally, I change my main transformer orientation, from horizontal to vertical. Not really easy to mount this giant transformer vertically. But here is the result. I’m quite sure I love...... Read More

Transformer Mounting Position: From Vertical to Horizontal

Before, my main transformer was designed to be mounted in vertical position. As you can see, the L-Shape was designed to be bolted on the main chassis vertically. Due to...... Read More

An Upgrade with Z11 Lamination and Germany/Australia Wire

I order another transformer. This should be an upgrade of the previous version. First, I add 0-75V tap for my neon lamp INS-1. Second, I upgrade from H10 to Z11...... Read More

Talema Transformer for My Gainclone

Finally, with the help from my girlfriend, I manage to get the Nuvotem Talema Transformer on hand within a week. It’s rated at 6.3A with 2x18V output or about 225VA....... Read More

Custom Made Power Transformer for My Pre-Amp

I ordered custom made transformer to replace my old Aikido Pre-Amp transformer. Before, I rarely ordered a “finished” transformer (but prefer doing DIY one with my colleague). But now I’m...... Read More

My Power Supply Transformer

My custom power transformers have just arrived. Like on my previous post, I plan to use 4 power transformer for my next Aikido project (two Heaters and two High Voltage)....... Read More

Tube Heater and B+ Power Supply Plan

Due to parts shortage on some components, I can’t complete the assembly of my DIY project. So I just write down the idea on my scratch book. Here is the...... Read More